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14 days of Akaldiroka – Day 3

August 10, 2011

Tonight I started the process of resolving missing features that the engine should have in order for the game to be easily scripted, the main one I have been focusing on included hopefully debug free AABB collision detection tied into the entity system.

So I decided to design a BoundingVolume class that dynamically creates itself based on the mesh data found within an entity. Thinking about OOP priniciples, it seems sensible to have such an object coupled with the actual entity. Heres a doodle I did
to setup the bounding volume generator:

I worked out that as long as I knew the minimum and maximum of each dimension (X,Y,Z) based off the geometric data, then it should be quite easy to define the vertices for the bounding box, and guess what… took me 5 minutes 🙂

Now onto collision detection… OK so this is not the subject i’m most fond of, so it looks like i’m going to have to do some research on the subject. Either way though, I can’t imagine things being so hard as we have everything we need within the entity manager to be able to do such a thing, question is, should this be something the  engine handles automatically, or should it be something the script handles.

After 2 hours, and the knowledge I already have on the subject, it seems I have a  solution for it, as only certain entities will need collision detection, I’ve added a flag for it, those entities that have collision enabled now provide a bounding volume, and a 2nd one that is one unit larger so that detection is only preformed within a small range. Also I found a ray-triangle intersection algorythem that seems to fit perfectly with this method, so in the morning i’ll be applying it, and testing the jig to see weather we did good 🙂

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