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14 days of Akaldiroka – Day 5

August 12, 2011

As you read last night I was having issues with the file format, so tonight I concentrated on integrating the new one into the engine. One thing I discovered, is when I went to connect a relationship between the loaded object, and the GL calls, it made alot more sense
to build the presenter within the actual class. So after 3 hours of tinkering, I dropped the old mesh and vbo routines, and gave the new system a go. Woha 100mb I saved on memory consumption! It seems that this way of doing things suits the application much better, without really doing anything more than having a cleaner mesh class and hiarachy for the entities/presenter model.

As that has consumed most of my night, theres not really much more to blog about today, though I just wanted to take the oppertunity to thankyou all for keeping with me over these two weeks, It’s such a motivator to know you need to explain what you did each day, and actually I think that has possibly aided me crack some of the problems that were becoming slightly epidemic.

Tomorrow i’ll be seeing what I can do to clean up the scripting framework, wich will hopefully provide some decent overload’s that enable singular declarative instancing. Thus much smarter scripting.


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