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Akaldiroka Team

This page outlines the team that is developing the first game developed with BaseOne named Akaldiroka:

Aimee Bailey – Lead Developer

Programming for 12 years, vast experience in Pascal, C, C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP and all things web. Aimee started Dark Box in the effort to create a team that makes software that people remember.

Daniel Hall – Artist / Media

A drawing and concept designer who holds many qualifications in art and media, Daniel specialises in concept drawings and recently programming websites. Daniel’s role in the project is to build a collection of artworks for the game, and to drive the design concept through to completion. He will consult with experienced artists who join the team.

Martin Bailey – Lead Consulting Artist

Aimee’s younger sibling, a privilege to have him on the team. Martin is an exceptional pixel artist, and is known for his acuity in pixel designs. Most noted for his activities on way of the pixel ( under the handle terley. Martin’s role on this project is to oversee the art direction to provide work, and to mentor pixel artists where possible.

Timo Pitkänen – Software Developer

Another wonderful addition to the team, Timo is a smart developer from Finland who is also a fantastic music producer. His work
has been commercially released and we love it. However he also has a tenacity for complex languages such as turbo pascal and

Carter Ellsworth – Pixel Artist

A young talented pixel artist, who specialises in perspective pixel art. Carter will be aiding the design of artwork for Akaldiroka.

Casey H -Design/Story Theorist

As Akaldiroka is a large project that requires a lot of care and attention paid to the story and design, Casey will be ensuring that everything we set out within the design documentation is seen through to implementation. He with Carter will also be planning details critical to the world of Aruna.

Andre M Miller – Musician/Composer

An aspiring game composer based in New York.


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