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Akaldiroka Status Update

April 26, 2011

Ok time for an update on how Akaldiroka is coming along. Taking into account the amount of work that has been completed, we actually seem to be slightly ahead of schedule. BaseOne is performing beautifully, and the state-engine side of things has helped make transition from a basic 1 map example, to a fully managed map system. After a bit of debate, we decided to implement a C# script compiler for maps, this can give a bit of overhead, so we will are using a JIT kind of methodology to compile the binary once, then use the compiled version from then on.

One of the most sophisticated areas of improvement over the last few weeks has been the incorporation of a defined rule-set for each map, this divides elements into clear groups, and allows the interpreter to section off code much more efficiently.

As it goes, we are looking forward to the first full alpha of the game engine by the end of this week, which mean’s the graphics side is soon to take president well on schedule, a big thanks to the team and everyone who is supporting us, no doubt this is growing into an epic project, and we hope to deliver full fold.



Use FMOD Ex to play audio in Linux, A C# Mono tutorial

April 18, 2011

Oh what a week it has been. Recently during a venture to see weather the game ran on other systems gave us an issue with OpenAL, turns out that it’s perhaps not the best library to use for this game. So I decided to re-code the whole audio side of things using something called FMOD instead. This has taken a week to get right, though the issue is finally resolved now.

In compliment to the struggle, I wrote a tutorial on how to get FMOD working in C#/Mono within Linux, the article can be found here:

More info will be followed shortly on how the game is coming along.


Lets go Ubuntu

April 6, 2011

Ok granted, not the biggest update of the week. Never the less, it’s a great one at that. Last nite, we managed to get the engine complied and running stable within the Linux distribution ‘Ubuntu v10.10’. This is a big milestone, as it means that the project is now at the point where we can safely say things look good for all of our target platforms. Here is a screen shot:



Also while checking the SVN logs last night, I noticed that Vaber has been working on some core path-finding algorithms, to quote him “pathfinding algorithm.. optimized with BinaryHeap, no closed-list lookups needed.. should be pretty fast”.

Let there be light!

March 31, 2011

So far allot of the development of the game has been done by myself, however over the last few nights Vaber has been working hard to show what he can do. Tonight thanks to his efforts, I am pleased to announce that we now have a fully functional lighting system!



Not to be underestimated, the new light engine allows for accurate lighting using an FBO (frame buffer object). As you can see above, it means no dulling of the colours, and also lights can be placed wherever we deem required. Great kudos to Vaber, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


BaseOne goes audio!

March 29, 2011

Yes you read it right, BaseOne now has an Audio name space! Some of the nice features we have added, include Static class for hosting a dictionary of clips, Automatic garbage collection for clips no longer in use, Loads straight from a Stream object, so can accept a resource without any extra work, Support for easy volume control and the ability to modify the pitch of the clip via a simple property. However the main party piece, is that it is easy to introduce sounds into a game, by calling:

Audio.Enqueue(string, Stream, bool)

loads any standard WAV file or data, and attaches it to a named dictionary. Once called, we can then say:


And to change the volume of it, we can also do this:

Audio.Clips[“clip_name”].Volume = 50;

Which would simply change the volume to 50%. Other features such as 3D localisation are next on the agenda, however this effect for now can easily be done by modifying the audio file also. One thing we will certainly be adding is echo and reverb for some smashing effects!

Now that the BaseOne stuff is out of the way, it’s time to make a proper announcement about what’s been going on over the last week. We were incredibly fortunate to take on 3 new members for the development of Akaldiroka, all these people are mentioned within the new “Akaldiroka Team” page, accessible via the links at the top right of the blog. After working with these people for a c0uple of days, I can’t express enough how thankful we are to have them on the team. If you are interested, please make sure to check out their profiles, and give them a little bit of attention where due.

Also noting the progress of Akaldiroka, good news as the project is now in full swing. Martin is currently developing a geometric tile-set for buildings, and also sketching out ideas for the character models. Casey, (our new design and story theorist) has been working hard to establish the fundamentals of what is needed within the functional specification for the game with help from Carter. Timo has furthered his work in attaining a stable release of the Zodra Editor, and a new programmer named Vaber and I have been working on some of the mechanics for the graphics engine. As things unfold this week, I’ll make nightly updates giving you an outline on how each section of the current campaign is panning out.


Functional Specification…

March 23, 2011

Oh what a night, my eyes are now drained from this sentence I once thought so innocent. Yesterday afternoon I started writing the Functional Specification for the design doc associated with Akaldiroka. I successfully split it into manageable and logical sections taking care to put them in order of importance, then started on the first element.

. . . I can not express enough how tedious this can be, even though most of it had been done on paper. Getting this down onto a digital doc was like shouting “who wants a brew?”, and all your 100 mates replying “yea go on then”, you expected a job, but don’t expect EVERYONE to pop a feel. Ha ha, anyway now it’s just about done, and some sense of self has ran back into my veins, were almost done people! The next thing to do will to make sure I get the Technical Specifications up and running. This is the part I believe I’ll shine as it requires knowledge, and a bit of research (something I enjoy).

In the meanwhile, Dan and I have put together a new web corner for developers and artists working on the game. Hopefully it should work as a great wiki for the game while the development is in progress, thus making my job easier by not having to answer too many questions over and over hehe 😉

Ta Ta!



March 22, 2011

This is really just a test article so we can develop a rss parser for the Akaldiroka Developers Website, please ignore it.